Before Session

Working of meridian technology with example:
Money beliefs & Life experience
An Individual & his beliefs,emotions,fear,blocks and life experience

  • Those who are rich aren't happy $ contented
  • It take struggle to achieve wealth
  • Money doesn't stay with me
  • I am afraid of criticism if i am seen as prosperous
  • Moneyis the root of all evil
  • I don't deserve to be rich & successful
  • Money attracts problems,responsibility & troubles.
  • People would Jealous if i succeed
  • Rich are corrupt greedy & have no values
  • How so much will come to me, there is only so much out there.
  • Money & Associated Negative Emotions Money is : Shame, Distrust,Fear,Hurt,Pain

After Session

Meridian Technology/Tapping can help in transforming our beliefs,emotion,fears,blocks and life experience about money

  • I easily & consistently earn (desired amount per month)
  • I deserve to be successful
  • Abundance is my birthright
  • I recieved 1000 times whatever i give
  • I am truly blessed and abundant
  • I am grateful for all that i have in my life
  • There is enough everyone in this universe
  • I have faith in what i have destined to recieve
  • I use my fortune for the service of humanity