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About Soul Print:

“Soul Print” is a collection of inspiring poems to celebrate life,
I hope every poem helps to reach a part in you & facilitates you to get close to yourself, so you can offer yourself your much awaited love & acceptance,
May you find the love in you and may you be able to shed walls within to embrace yourself and radiate your being,
I hope the poems provide you with deep comfort, peace, unconditional love, support, motivation, inspiration & wisdom & act as your guide, mentor & soul friend to assist you in being your "Unstoppable You" infused with intoxicating passion for life,
I wish the poems can allay your fears, console your heart, help you grieve, process the hurt & trauma, shed shame & isolation, heal pain, connect with our humanness & other and expand self,
I pray they help us to realize there is no other, shed perfectionism, find compassion, aid in self-acceptance & forgiveness, assist you to bring forth the light within, unlock your potential act as a deep process, your source of your healing & Integration,
If you can find you & discover yourself through poems,
I would feel delighted to have be chosen as an instrument of will the divine,
Look within, discover yourself, celebrate you, and share your light,
Let's radiate the universe with our sparkle.
Your messenger of hope & love,

- Jayesh Suri

About this course About this course

About this course
About this course About this course About this course About this course About this course About this course About this course About this course About this course

About the Author:

I am Jayesh Suri from Gandhinagar, India. A lover of life, an eternal optimist, and a sportsman who is passionate about cricket and football. I am an enthusiastic entrepreneur whose desire and inte`nt is to build world class organizations that create lasting, positive change in today's world.

www.yourrootcause.com is one of my brain child. I am a learner who believes in self as Infinite, I feel love is the essence that we are made up of. I strive to form a strong connect with self as let go of layers of conditioning to discover who I am in my pursuit to embrace my complete potential. I have decided to walk on the path of service, intend to live a life of purpose, impact & value. My poetry is one of the forms of expression of my being; It is how my soul chooses to communicate.

I want to offer my gratitude to Tapas Fleming my mentor for creating TAT my source of transformation for poems. I hope to share my unconditional love, acceptance, hope, enthusiasm & verve of life with you as we undertake our journey in our path called "LIFE". I celebrate your graceful presence & radiating essence in my life. Kindly accept my deepest regards & gratitude to you for being yourself. Let's rejoice & revel in the light that we truly are.

- Jayesh Suri

Reader's Insights:

"Soul Print" truly leaves an indelible impression on our mind and soul. It is inspiring in a very refreshing way. The depth in the words are expressed in a beautiful blend of imagery and poetry...A must read for everyone.

- Ramola Sidhu,India

"Jayesh’s poems and poetry are so inspiring. It feels like each stanza is infused with deep wisdom and great mojo. His poems and poetry remind me of Rumi’s. He is the Rumi of today and the millennial. So fortunate to know him. Sometimes, by communicating with him on a one on one session during our Root Cause class, he can write a poem about me after our session. Yes, he is that excellent”.

- Elizabeth Hagad,USA

Loving and caring, soothing and comforting

-Biggi Leask, Germany

Jayesh speaks directly from his enlightened soul to the soul of the reader of his poetry. The Soul Print of that soul-to-soul encounter is a precious and enduring gift.

-Linda Smith,USA

Jayesh your poems are like a touch from a soul to another soul

-Maria Traykova,Bulgaria

Jayesh has a way of showing me the Truth through his thought provoking words. When I read his poetry, I feel peace and acceptance

- Nancy Ostapuk

They inspire joy and comfort

-Melody Butler Griego,USA

Jayesh, the thoughts you share speak to my heart and soul, to the depth of all the experiences that are presented to me and require the kind of reflections that you share in such an open hearted and vulnerable way.
Your insights remind me to listen to the deep stirrings within my own heart and soul. Thank you for the gifts of your ageless and timeless wisdom from within.

- Bonnie Friesen

Your poetry is spiritual, inspirational, it is a River of loving words.

-Tamara Moederzoon Zwarthoed,Netherlands

Your poetry always gives food for thought

-Martina Liberson,Sweden

Inspiring and full of youthful energy.

-Lesley Jeffery

Jayesh Suri Poetry, touches the very depths of my Soul and Awakens my heart to feel, question, and own every emotion of my being.

- Judy Newman,Ireland

'' SOUL PRINT, leaves an imprint in your heart. It is written from the heart, straight to the readers connecting through time and space. The rich content shared holds you and helps to heal the hurt places within . The words echo possibility and the truth of all-knowing when we dare to express the footprint of our soul''

-Wendy Fry,United Kingdom

A beautiful expression of truth from one who has a beautiful heart and soul.

- Kelly Knox,USA

‘Jayesh is an incredibly talented writer. His work has touched many. Thank you for the magic that you create with the WORD!! .This world is a better place because of you’

~ Olga Bochareva, Relationships coach

"Jayesh, your intuitive poetry has touched my heart, often bringing me to tears. Reminders from within to expand my perspective. Each poem, deep with wisdom, is relatable and acknowledges our connection to the higher self. Such beautiful words from such a honest and genuine soul. I am honored to have crossed paths with you and see your dreams into reality. Thank you for being you".

-Lindsey Lee,USA

Soothing soulful words

-Jeannette Perdue Corum

What fascinates me the most about You & your poems....
- Your Choice of direction & perspective to hold is mind-blowing
- Your Words intrigue & transform
- The Way you weave is Truly phenomenal
- You Captivate attention & mesmerize
- You help me to understand. Every time I read your poems I find something new. An intention, an angle, a thought, a flip. A deeper meaning. A new found clarity
- Your Loving Guidance Seriously makes a Difference
In the most Straightforward amusing, Magical ways...You ARE so damn smart!

- Laura White,USA

Your poetry is deep and insightful.It touches me to my core.

-Teresa Correa

Jayesh, I find your poems insightful, uplifting and a blessing. They are more than just words on paper. They make you feel good, they make you think, and they fill you with well being and joy. So glad you are reaching out to share the beautiful gift you have with all those who choose to open their eyes, minds and hearts. Thank you.

-Janet Myers,Canada

Poems for truth seekers

- Irina Latis

Jayesh's poetry is spirit inspired, he allowes the words to flow from his inner spirit and heart to the pages before him. The words communicate with the readers soul, that eternal part of us that seeks knowledge is fed and enriched by those words. This is a true MUST READ. It was an honour to gain insights from his writings prior to the publishing of this amazing book. Thank you Jayesh for sharing the wisdom of the universe with the world.

- Deniz Marchmont, Australia

Thank you for being a seeker of light and sharing penned thoughts from your open and brave heart.

- Marian Cerdeira,USA

The best thing I like about your poems, besides good use of language and rhythm is that it speaks to the soul. Ever so frequently the response is, “yes! That’s what needs to be said” or “that’s what I wanted to hear.” Your poems are very relatable and tinged with humour sometime.

- Rasikaapriti Devi Dasi,India.

“Jayesh’s poems are both soulful and thought-provoking. His ability to weave words that not only imbibe beautiful wisdom and clarity yet are so succinct and inspiring is a gift to the receiving heart.”

- Sandra Fazio, author, speaker, conscious parent / life coach

A beautiful Wise soul express his knowledge through words.

- Katharina Kaesbach,Austria