Achieving Dreams

Enhancing Creativity by clearing the inner clutter to create space for creative ideas

Clearing Creative blocks

Enhancing Sports Performance

Business Abundance / Confidence with clients (I don't want to be seen, pricing, being judged, afraid of people's reaction, they will find out, beliefs about money, not spiritual to make money, rich are, generational beliefs, if i am rich then i will have to cheat and lose values, next level of growth, I am not worth much, if i succeed and make money i would be judged wrongly)

Creating Abundance

Improving Sales & Financial Income

Stress & Work Pressure

Physical Pain & Ailments (have significant emotional contributors) worked on Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid

Releasing pain without drugs, surgery or operation

Enhancing Vision, Eyesight & Hearing

Achieving Fitness Goals

Addictions as a means to tranquilize and a strategy to cope (Smoking, food)

Addictions as a means to tranquilize and a strategy to cope (Smoking, food)

Public Speaking

Strong personal Identity, Self Esteem, Confidence & Self Acceptance

Beauty & feeling young

Healing for Pets

Coping with Grief & Loss

Work for those who can't work on themselves, Surrogate Healing

Weight Loss, Body Image and Emotional eating

Safely processing, Childhood events & trauma

Kids & Super Learning Kids respond beautifully and very swiftly to meridian process, Kids for their Dreams, Goals, school exam stress, anxiety and peer pressure

Birth issues, Childhood beliefs, Memories, programming

Releasing Fears of heights, Public presentation, Fear of letting go and idea of being safe, Fear of Success, Fear of Failure or any fears

Relationships Issues, Marriage abuse and divorce

Releasing negative emotions, patterns and beliefs

Effectively Addressing Procrastination & being afraid to shine

Break free from limiting Belief : I can't ask and don't deserve to receive

Healing Painful and Stuck Emotions. (guilt, shame, hurt, resentment, frustration, impatience, emotional pain & suffering, forgiveness

Installing positive beliefs in life, for eg : "I want to be totally confident".

Making Peace with past events which were unexpected & one did not have physical and emotional resources to cope with at that time, any Traumatic life experiences

Self esteem issues, confidence, self belief

Clearing Vows : “I will never forgive for what they did to me".

Achieving Goals

Relationship & Love