The ingrained society roles.

Unconditional Love,
Actuates to the purest form & serves highest purpose.

Don't calculate,
And hold yourself back.

Be the flow,
And bless incessantly.

Your way to complete nourishment,
A path to fulfillment.

Give not with an intent,
To fill an inner void.

Share the truth of your existence,
From an enriched heart space.

- Responsibility

I am "Infinite", "Abundant", "Whole" & "Complete"

I am "Infinite", "Abundant", "Whole" & "Complete",
As we lose this awareness, we start to play a victim.

In a quest to fill an inner void,
We attempt to become.

Even as we reach to a stage, we still perceive us,
As we aren't enough and measure up to.

Infinite in us wants us to know,
Truly experience who we really are.

As we shed our limitations and confined understanding,
We feel liberated and at home.

We eventually understand we don’t have to become,
We have be BE.

The experience of who we are,
Acknowledge within, I am already "Infinite", "Abundant", "Whole" & "Complete".

Revel in the experience,
Above a feeling of lack onto a feeling of connection.

To source of who I am,
Just perceive to receive.

Your truth could have been layered with conditioning,
Do uncover to discover you.

Belief in limitation,
Makes you act limited,

Discovery of inner abundance,
Makes you expand from within.

Enriching every interaction,
Infused with the essence of yourself.

The world becomes a rich manifestation,
Everything an experience of you.

- Perception

Formed identities and beliefs,

Formed identities and beliefs,
Can keep you locked in for life.

You can take upon role to defend them,
Irrespective of the value it serves you.

Before you dawn a role,
Take upon a responsibility.

Consult your inner wisdom,
So you are assured of the flow.

Rise above any inner resistance,
To a natural order which will fulfil you.

Life is meant to be in state of ease & inner joy,
To assist you in your nourishment.

Just align, allow and step in a feeling of gratitude,
Be the blessing of that which you seek to receive.

Plenitude of all that you desire,
Is on its way to enrich & replenish you from deep within.

- InnerOrchestra

Surrender into,

Surrender into,
The infinite wisdom of your soul.

You are held safe,
Guided back to the shore with ease.

- Faith

If you are ready,

If you are ready,
To delve and discover.

You will realize,
The benevolence of the universe.

All is designed for you,
To reach your potential.

All the roads inside,
Lead you to unconditional love.

Your fears & inertia,
Have held you back for long.

It's now time to shed,
Your old non-functioning ways.

If want to badly hold on to,
Hang on to only gratitude.

For the pain of being stuck,
Led you to discover the new way.

Now let the guidance from within,
Lead you.

Don't fear being lost,
You will not go astray.

Assign & align to flow,
Float your way to your abode.

Be your purpose,
Live it out.

Allow yourself to walk,
Towards your completeness.

The whole in you,
Awaits for you to drop the illusions.

You are so near.
To your merger within.

- Signpost

Let the vision,

Let the vision,
Brewing inside be your driver.

Let the ultimate inside of you,
Be your guide.

Somewhere along you have to trust,
The inner calling and choose to walk.

Walk on the path,
Not of competition with your fellow men.

You may have to go through chaos to find meaning,
How willing are you to go an extra mile?

Life experiences are designed,
To shake and stretch you.

Break your limitation,
Expand into possibility.

Catapult your imagination,
Allow for a way to cut through your core.

"Success" & "Failure" are mere synonyms,
Life understands them as only feedbacks.

Do you also perceive to be so?
Or are you blinded by your labels?

Be brave enough,
To understand and develop yourself.

In your lane,
Only the best lies ahead.

Don't malign richness of your journey,
By an unworthy comparison.

To all their paths,
To all men their OWN respected way.

One crafted for you,
Is wherein your focus must be.

Discover yourself,
Decide your pace.

Where are you heading,
Your heart knows the way.

Allow all to unfold in its season,
Cherish the heat of summer & the coldness of winter.

Embrace all along the way,
For its transforming lessons.

Heed and listen,
Life communicates through an experience.

Everything shapes you,
On your way to BEING YOURSELF.

Celebrate as you find you,
Share the gift with us.

If you come back to being you,
Know you have left an indelible mark.

As a traveller who,
Knew how to navigate an unknown territory.

- LifeMiles.

Navigating unknown can bring about,

Navigating unknown can bring about,
Feelings of fear & loss of control.

Learn to lessen your anxiety and panic,
To be able listen to the wisdom.

Your experience,
Is subtly trying to communicate.

Amidst the clutter.
The message gets trapped and lost.

Your connection,
Aids in your clarity & direction.

As you realize,
With self by your side.

You can ease into your growth.
As you are always safe, guided & loved,

Feel grounded now,
As you understand the process of evolution.

Realize the uncertainty brings about,
A gift of certain progress & development.

Where is your nudge guiding?
Your path is leading you to your potential.

Unfold & ascend,
As you are shaped into your best self.

The unknown,
Makes you know what’s needed next.

Pause & receive your answer.
Unlock the door, the key is now yours.

- Growth.

How to love oneself?

How to love oneself?
Do you often ponder.

Is Love something,
We receive from outside, Isn’t it?

Or is it really,
My job to love me, you question?

Affirm the truth that resides,
Deep within yourself.

Just whisper into your soul,
"I am Love".

Allow self to tune,
Now completely feel & fulfil yourself infinitely.

Immerse yourself in your being,
Embrace all the parts that scattered.

That's how to combat the void,
That's how to feel whole & complete.

Devoid of the need to be accepted from outside,
Since you now accept you.

Liberate yourself from deprivation,
Relish & dip into your richness & abundant core.

The universe is eager to heal,
The wound of illusion.

Unconditional love is,
Your inner balm.

That seamlessly binds & restores,
All of life within you.

Allow self to sparkle,
Allow you to birth, be re-born.

- Unconditional Love.

To regain awareness,

To regain awareness,
About who I am.

Is one of the purposes,
Of your journey.

Navigating experiences,
Caught in conditioning.

I Hope & pray,
You find you.

- Quest

The quality of your thoughts,

Don’t fall prey & play a victim.
Choose to rather master your thinking.

Do remember they are your thoughts,
Your creation, know that "You are in Command".

- Transformation.