Our Services

“ Experience the life changing technology for yourself ”

The Root Cause International Institute offers following Vital Services

  • Cutting edge products.
  • Individual sessions, corporate sessions.
  • High quality workshops on diverse areas and aspects.
  • Leading courses and programs to enhance various areas of life via application of Meridian Technology

1) Personal Session:

a) Anywhere in the world through comfort of your home by world class practitioner - Via Skype / Google Hangouts / Zoom. (All international clients work through this mode)

b) In person personal sessions.

2. Training & Workshops :
In person live, practical, hands on, Cutting edge Workshops.

a) Corporate Training :
- On Stress and Financial Abundance, Unbelievable Sales!
- Depends on feedback about type of workshop best suited accor

Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. -William James

b) "Ultimate Health"

Understanding Disease its emotional connection & Processing to heal naturally.

c) Weight loss & Body Image :

- Role of Stress and address the stress triggers.
- Breaking patterns for Emotional eating.

d) De addiction Workshops :

Cigarette, , Drinking,
Face booking, Food.

e) Addressing Pain

- Cutting edge ways to address and release without drugs, surgery, operation or any medicine.
- Decoding messages from the body & addressing them.

f) Achieving

- Goals.
- Dreams.
- Clearing Clutter & Enhancing Creativity.
- Positive Emotions & Experiences.

g) Sports

Peak performance coaching.

h) Mastery over Abundance workshops

Release negative beliefs, blocks, fears, emotional experiences about money and ways create your desired financial goal.

I) Hearing and Vision Improvement

- Exploring How Events/Choices can lead to blurring of Vision /Loss of hearing.
- Safely addressing underlying reasons might lead to recovery.

j) Kids and Parents

Emotional intelligence and
Art of super Learning.

k) Break through from Fears which hold you back in life

- Fear of Public speaking
- Fear of criticism
- Fear of failure
- Fear of success
-Fear of judgment
-Fear of rejection
-Fear of losing
-Fear of being oneself

l) Surrogate Healing

Ways to help those you care and love who can't work by themselves. (Your Adults, Your Pets)

m) Transform the beliefs which hold you back & Create your dream life

for eg : “I am not good enough”, “I Don't Deserve to...”

n) Dealing with :

- negative emotions.
- memory.
- events.
- trauma.
- day to day challenges.

o) Inner Alchemy and Ultimate life design by choice workshops

A 5 day Intensive Workshop covering the above mentioned life areas.

p) Webinars and Workshops :

Many Exciting webinars and Workshops which you can access online / In person.

“You must Learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be” -Marianne Williamson

q) Leadership & Entrepreneurs Coaching

- Breaking the limits to possibilities.
- Tapping into inspirations to world class organization.
- Acquiring Better thinking & Deft Execution.
- Addressing fears & Reassessing Self Worth & Value.
- Personal & Professional Excellence.

r) Relieving Stress

Cutting edge techniques to equip oneself to deal effectively with happening.

s) Creativity Unlimited

- Expanding Horizons.
- Breaking Comfort Zones.
- Exploring the New & Exciting Possibilities.
- Bursting with Ideas & perspectives.
- New ways of seeing, being & experiencing.

t) Achieving Inner peace, Joy & Happiness

- Resolution
- Lessons to be learnt
- Gratitude
- Dealing with Perfectionism
- Letting go
- Forgiveness
-Self Acceptance

u) Healing the Inner Critic

Understanding the attempts of Inner critic as a friend/messenger to help one be Safe from perceived threats.

Being happy never goes out of style -Lilly Pulitzer