I am Jayesh Suri from Gandhinagar, India.
I am a lover of life, an eternal optimist, and a sportsman who is passionate about Cricket and Football.
I hold a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, a Masters in Entrepreneurship, and I previously worked for IBM.
My Journey of Entrepreneurship began in 2009 with a school friend at the CIIE (Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship) IIM -A where we worked on GIS Technology as our Incubation.
My education, learning’s & exploration has led me to the creation of start-up companies in the fields of Software, GIS, Solar, Education, Management Consulting, Wellness and Life Science, Fitness, Design and Print, Branding, and Marketing Communications.
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I'm writing in order to tell a story a good one. This is about Jayesh Suri work. Not so long ago, we worked with tapping technique on aundance among others, Jayesh give me the homework and I have to work in some phrases, that phrases were ideas in my mind that didn't let the abundance fluency. It's important to mention that we work in a specific amount of money (5000 USD per month) Time goes by and I got a job opportunity and at the end of the deal the salary was equal to the amount that jayesh and I have being work!!! Amazing don't you think?         - C.N,Mexico
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